Welcome to my world.

Hi, I’m Juliet. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that finding your brand or creative mojo is easier said than done. Whether you’re a business seeking your brand mojo or an exec, leader or creative searching for your creative mojo, the day-to-day grind of the commercial world can extinguish your creative fire. Discovering or rediscovering the irrepressible spark and passion that makes everything and anything possible is an art. It’s a science. And besides, my mantra is ‘Life’s too short not to have an amazing one!’

It's a fun science,
a serious art
...and a little bit of magic.

This is what I do. I’m a brand visionary, strategist and builder, a business coach and creative mentor. In woo woo terms I’m a mojo whisperer.

I tap into and cultivate creativity in all its forms to build creative equity. To build magnetic brands for select businesses. To help visionary disruptors build game-changing entities. To build creative confidence, capability and a state of flow in elite leadership, creative teams and talented specialists.

And it's powerful.

After 25+ years on the business and creative frontline, I’ve led clients, teams and my own creative agency on thousands of projects. I’ve experienced the highs of extreme light-bulb moments. And I’ve hit those creative roadblocks. I’ve felt the high-five-buzz of outstanding business wins. And been worn down by the pressures of leadership and the commercial realities. I know the madness of it all. It’s been my life!

And I know how to rekindle the powerful joy of creative thinking and collaborative problem-solving to come out the other side reinvigorated, more creative, capable and productive than ever. Like a 2.0 you.


Tribe Mentor


Brand Strategist


Creative Coach


Business Strategist

Tap into the mojo magic.

Inspiring Creatives.

I mentor and coach talented creatives. From designers to artists, project managers to account managers…the full gamut in creative agencies and the commercial arts. I help you find clarity and reignite your passion so you can feel fulfilled, level up and be a joyous peak performer.

Discover your superpowers and the art of juggling being a multi-tasking specialist.

It’s a powerful, fun combination of personal and professional development by someone who’s walked in your shoes. Warning – you may fall in love with your creative-self again.

Chat to me about one-on-one mojo sessions.

Coaching Leaders.

I run bespoke professional development and career coaching sessions for creative leaders and team managers looking to tackle their front-line challenges and optimise their skills, so they can be goal-kicking A-teamers. 

Whether you’re a newbie leading a team of two or Head Honcho my one-on-one Zoom ‘docking station’ sessions are pure oxygen for leaders. A confidential space to dump, sort, learn and power-up. Vital for those off-loads you simply can’t have with your colleagues, boss, business partner or life partner.

Weekly, monthly or adhoc, I flex to suit your time and budget. The results are sanity-saving and game-changing.

Let’s uncover the people-gold.

Transitioning 9 to 5'rs

I coach Specialists in any field who are itching to break free from corporate life and create their best-life-and-business rolled into one.

From micro-preneurs to quiet achievers and world-class experts, this is for anyone ready to do what they love, with the people they love, in the way they love…and get paid what they’re worth!

Like a strategic business sherpa, I help crystalise your vision, map the pathway, and guide and inspire you along the journey. It’s the adventure of a lifetime so don’t do it solo or without having smart-fun along the way.

Take the first step towards your dream life x biz.

Building Brands.

I build stand-out brands for visionaries. Brave disruptors leading businesses (of every size and shape, in any industry) who want to start-up or scale-up, and be a magnetic benchmark in their space.

Brand Strategist, Creative Director and Project Manager rolled into one, I bring in my A-team (specialist designers, copywriters, web developers and more) and orchestrate everything for you. From brand naming, logo design, web design and build, marketing, signage…the full scope of application.

I’ll bring your unique brand story and vision to life. A targeted, differentiated and compelling brand with purpose and soul. And solid brand equity.

Let’s do serious fun business together.

Scroll the success stories.

Creative Director. Fine Artist.

My confidence went from an all time low to an all time high. After 15 years in my role I was overwhelmed, stressed and felt unworthy. Working with Jules was completely life changing. It’s gone beyond my professional development to the core of my creative passion. Rediscovering myself as a fine artist. Everything flows from a place of power and joy now, rather than anxiety and fear.

Mark H.

Managing Director. Global Chair.

We love Juliet. She is our bundle of wise joy turbocharging our young leaders. We had young creatives on our team with latent talent to lead and a business imperative to grow quickly. Juliet has been our answer. She helped them discover their super talents, injected her boundless optimism into their belief in themselves and mentored them to become the young leaders they were made to be.

Donna S.

Engineer. Manager. Entrepreneur.

Working with Juliet for my zero-waste innovation branding was amazing. She totally absorbs your thoughts, tries to understand all aspects of the concept through intensive discussions then distills the essence, to specifically set the messaging and the look of the brand. A tight deadline meant we were under enormous pressure but it all worked really well. Juliet doesn’t just walk the extra mile, she inclusively brings you on the journey.

Ben H.

Operations Manager. Team Leader.

Juliet is a breath of fresh air. She gives me confidence, she inspires me to reach my full potential and I know that if I have had a hard week, or have some hard tasks to tackle, I can rely on her to motivate me, give me advice and suggest methods on how to approach situations. I am very grateful for her guidance and wisdom.

Alyce J.

Clinical Massage Therapist to the stars.

Very knowledgeable, bags of experience and loads of fun - Juliet helped me and my business partner develop a greater understanding of: who we are, what we really offer our clients, and what we can be together. Her process makes it simple to understand, takes the fear out and delivers excellent results. It’s improved all aspects of my business.

Phil N.

Graphic Designer. Illustrator.

Everyone needs a Juliet in their life! I was feeling lost and unfulfilled. Working with Juliet has far exceeded what I could have imagined. I always leave our sessions feeling energised and inspired It’s been fun! I have discovered so much about myself. I didn’t realise how often my creative process was hindered by anxiety and self-doubt. I rediscovered why I loved design in the first place, and the importance of joy in the creative process.

Karina S.

Designer Mentee's Mum.

I am so grateful Karina has you as a mentor. Her neurodiversity means not many people have seen the great potential in Karina yet. She is certainly getting a lot out of your sessions. She feels heard and valued during your conversations, and that's helped build a lot of confidence in herself.

Petra S.

Luxury Yacht Interior Designer.

During an incredibly difficult time, Juliet helped me find my light and guide me through some big career steps. I learnt more about team dynamics and how to get the best out of people. And was surprised how much magic I already had within myself. I now feel empowered to trust my gut and go for it!  If you need someone who calmly listens then throws a new perspective in the mix, to shake up your way of thinking, then that’s Juliet! 

Amy W.

Graphic Designer. Creative Lead.

Mojo sessions with Juliet is like fireworks. Before you know it, a burst of supercharged creativity is exploding left, right and centre – it is truly nothing but absolute magic. Jules has taught me to believe in myself, trust myself, and most importantly resparked the joy and inspired me to be the best version of myself possible. An incredible woman, doing incredible things, I'm forever grateful for her guidance.

Mel B.

CEO. Not-for-profit Founder.

With her amazing energy, bright personality, clear thinking, creativity and years of experience, Juliet skilfully guided us through a full brand realignment for our 20th Anniversary. She helped us overcome bumps in the road, kept us on track, and delivered a great outcome, under budget. She helped me to refocus and clarify my vision for the future and new era for the organisation.

Jason J.

Feeling the spark?

From brand workshops and complete brand building journeys to business coaching, creative consulting and mentoring, I’m here to help you figure it out, fire up your mojo and realise your creative, leadership and commercial potential. It all just starts with a chat.

An Aussie based in England, I work globally. Reach out on LinkedIn or email me here to: ask a question, tee up a Zoom, or just say hi.

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Hey Creatives.

Fancy collaborating on a project?
I’m keen to add talented designers, copywriters, animators, web designers, photographers, videographers (and more) to my pool of specialists.
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Want to join the tribe?

Hey Creatives.

Fancy collaborating on a project?
I’m keen to add talented designers, copywriters, animators, web designers, photographers, videographers (and more) to my pool of specialists.
Email or text me to tee up a chat.

Where to find us